Because I'm Scrappy...

by Michelle Lella

While thrifting one day I found these amazing vintage Wrangler shorts.  How did I know they were vintage? Well, as I was about to check out at Buffalo Exchange, my cashier became very excited when he saw the shorts in my hand.  He exclaimed, "I made those!" Apparently they used to be his grandmother's jean pants and he transformed them into shorts himself.  He said his grandma worked on a farm so a lot of things were accomplished in these pants.  So while I was checking out I basically received a background check about the shorts I was purchasing.  I probably know more about these shorts than some of you know about your one night stands, just kidding!!!  The end result is I received an awesome pair of high-waisted shorts for the beautiful price of 15 dollars and now I have a story that goes with them! Don't you just love fashion???

Halter, kimono, necklace, and clutch- Forever21, Shorts- Wrangler (from Buffalo Exchange), shoes- Last Chance