The Striped Coat

by Michelle Lella

So I was a little hesitant to get this coat at first. I mean, I live in Arizona and felt guilty spending money on something I can only wear like 2 months out of the year. However, the shopping side of my brain (yes that is a medical term) took over and truly convinced me that it was obviously a necessity.

1. It would be great for traveling.. I mean this coat screams "spring in New York". Do I have a trip planned soon? No.. but now I totally could.

2. It went perfect with the striped bow shoes I have... well actually I had to get them to match the coat but who's really keeping track.

3. It has pockets! I mean wow, right? I could keep my car keys, phone, small snacks in there?

The coat was truly an investment and I've convinced myself all over again how great of a purchase it is. I kind of want another one now...

Anyway, thanks for reading:)  Here are some photos shot by the gorgeous Alyssa from Magnolia Styling. Link below for where you can get the coat and shoes!!



Click the picture for the link straight to the shoes!

Coat can be found in stores at Kate Spade but it's currently not online!