Polka Dots and The Yellow Door

by Michelle Lella

Bella and I took a trip to downtown Phoenix yesterday at sunset and oh my goodness I just loved it there! I am a sucker for any type of beautiful scenery and everywhere I looked there was something gorgeous to look at!

Also, I have recently developed an obsession for midi skirts as you can probably tell by this post!  I have to be super selective with my choices because of my lack of height.. but I fell in love with this one and it was under $20 from Forever21.  I've also invested in a few from Modcloth, but I'm still deciding what to pair with them.  Be on the look out for some more midi skirt outfits in the next few weeks!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and thanks as always for checking my blog out!!!!!


The beautiful photographer:



I'm so thankful to have such a creative and talented friend in my life!! I love our adventures together and always look forward to the next one!! Check out her blog here and learn some more about one of my favorite girls!!!