by Michelle Lella

The Witty Wardrobe has reached over 1000 followers on Instagram so I thought it was time for a celebratory post!  Starting my blog has been the best creative outlet I could ask for.  I love looking forward to putting outfits together, taking photos, and writing the posts for you to read!  Something I really have enjoyed is the networking that comes with blogging.  I'm so thankful for all the wonderful people I have collaborated with so far and that especially includes Bella.  Being around someone who is so passionate about what she does (photography) is truly inspiring.  I always get so nervous before taking photos, but she makes the process truly easy.  I can't help but feel at ease during the shoots and the smiles you see in the photo are most definitely genuine thanks to her!  She also has a blog A Lively Spirit and you can check out all her amazing photography there! 


Thank you so much for all your support and I appreciate you stopping by!!!

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