Pajama Day

by Michelle Lella

You know your outfit is on-par when your father asks why you are going to work in your pajamas....?

However, when pants are this comfy who really gives a damn?  When I worked at Anthropologie we sold a lot of pants styled like these ones.  However, I was never tall enough or rich enough to purchase them.  So you can believe how excited I was when I found this pair at Forever21 for 22 bucks!  Although they are large in the waist (they fall down if they're not tied) I still purchased them because how could I not!!  I usually don't advise people to buy clothing that doesn't fit just right but for these pants I made the sacrifice.

Tank- H&M, Pants- Forever21, Shoes- Reflection, Bag and Watch- Michael Kors, Hat- Charlotte Russe, Sunnies- Nordstrom