Perfect Day for a Picnic

by Michelle Lella

Boy oh boy have the holidays been crazy for me! I apologize for the lack of posts but I made a New Years pact that I will be posting more frequent this year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday of whatever you celebrate and you got to be around the ones you love like I did!


Who doesn't love a good picnic?   The weather has had a lovely little chill lately so I thought why not whip out the faux fur :)  It's so easy to stay inside during this colder (not that cold; it's Arizona) weather. Netflix can be oh so tempting and I feel as if my sweatpants are calling to me.  I've decided that I can't let this keep me from going outside and adventuring though.  This is something I truly want to work on during the new year.  I want to see more things, experience everything I want to and more, and see all the pretty things there are to see.  I encourage you to do the same <3


Dress: Love Culture (Old)

My fur caplet was bought from a consignment store by a good friend, Liz :)  I could not find the same exact one but here are some similar options!

Fur Caplet

Fur Caplet2

Fur Caplet3