by Michelle Lella

I had the most lovely day with my friend, Lauren (the creator of Teacup Bridal) on Monday.  We started off with some thrifting at Buffalo Exchange in Phoenix and then grabbed some caffeine and treats at one of my favorite coffee shops, Lux!  I was so excited about this outfit because I spent so very little on the main pieces!! I found the dress at Buffalo and wound up paying $7.50 for it!  A little black dress for under $10? Yeah, I'm sold.  And then the shoes!! The shoes I found on  I was impressed with the selection they had so of course I signed up.  Then I realized that once you sign up you get $40 off your first purchase!!!  These gorgeous stilettos were $50 to begin with so in the end I paid about $12 after tax!  And no shipping charge!! I'm sure you can tell just how excited I am about this outfit.  I love showing people that you can feel your best and not spend your whole paycheck!


Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for reading <3


Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Shoes:, Bag and Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

And here's my delicious afternoon pick-me-up from Lux!! A latte and peanut butter M&M cookie can cheer anyone up!!