Růže Cake House

by Michelle Lella

I'd say I have a new obsession, but I've been going here for a while and just haven't had time to blog about this magical place. Feast your eyes on Růže Cake House! The moment you walk in, you are greeted by a flood of delicious smells and their gorgeous minimalistic decor. It's really hard to feel anything but at ease when you're surrounded by such beautifully delectable things.

Růže usually has new specials or featured items each month and this month... it's hot chocolate flights! My friends and I had to partake and witness these beauties in person and boy were they good! 

Bottom line... this little treasure of a bakery in Old Town Scottsdale calls for a special visit and I hope you can make it in soon. If you need some inspiration or something to brighten your day, follow their Instagram for new daily treats. 

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Ruze Cake House
Ruze Cake House

Photos were taken by the talented Sam Tooker.