by Michelle Lella

Good afternoon loves!!

I am more than excited to tell you about a wonderful company and wonderful lil lady!  I met Allison a few months ago and have slowly fallen in love with the business she created, Teaspressa!!!  So I'll be dead honest, I am not a tea fan.  Coffee rules and controls me.  However, Allison totally changed my caffeinated life!!!  Her tea concoctions are brewed like gourmet coffee drinks and I am simply addicted!!  All her creations have distinct delicious flavors including unique tastes like rose, pineapple, lavender, and so much more!  My fave right now is the London Fog and I highly recommend you try it when you get to meet this amazing lady!

I met Allison and learned about Teaspressa at an event for Calypso St. Barth at the Quarter.  This lady can be found at events and even does pop up shops! She also does bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and really anything you can think of.  Not only is her tea simply delicious but her set up is truly to die for.  She decorates according to the event you are throwing and even creates custom drinks for your special occasion!!

Needless to say I AM OBSESSED!!  I cannot wait to try more of Teaspressa's creations and experience more of their events!! Check out their webpage here and you will not be disapointed!!

Here's some fun pictures of delicious treats and fun events!

Allison (Founder of Teaspressa <3)